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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Artjournal flip!!!

For you art journalers out there,

Take a quick peek into one of my finished art journals! Wel, more an altered book to be precise... lol
Now I can start a new journal, Yes! :-)
Only because I have no other projects running at the moment... *chuckle*


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Inspiration, old and new...

Hello crafters!

At the moment I am doing an online Artjournaling course at and having tons of fun!
On more than one occasion the lessons brought back memories of the mandala and celtic knotwork I used to make. At first I set it aside, just a good memorie I thought, it made me smile.
Yeah, right.... The memories kept creeping up on me, I could't ignore them, they were telling me something...but what?
I decided to listen to my muse and just make one of the pages in the style I was formiliar with way back when. I'd see where it would lead me...
This is the result of a lesson about boxes and letting other elements flow in and out of these boxes. This is where my new journey started I quess. :-)

This is SO different than the way I work now. It is al done in pencil, not a drop of paint!
The only thing that is the same are the layers, there are many, many layers of pencil on the page to create the shadows and mix the colors.

I felt I was on the right path so to speak but this way of working doesn't feel like me anymore. 
So, now what?
I started out on a search for my old mandala's to see if they had anything to say.
Here are some of them. Some are from 2002!!!



I do still love them and I felt I wanted to create Mandala's again. Offcourse A lot has changed since then. In my life and in my artwork so how to go about it?
I had no clue whatsoever but just went for it!

This is my latest artjournal page with a Mandala:

You could say something has changed right? :-)

Some details:

I am working on a canvas right now, it's not finished yet but I'm liking it so there is more comming...
Stay tuned and get creative in any way that feels right to you ok? Creativity is food for the soul!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Artjournaling à la Dina Wakley

Hallo creatief mens!

Enige tijd geleden kwam ik dit boek tegen en kon het gewoon niet laten liggen.

Dina Wakley is in de wereld van Artjournaling een bekende dame met een geheel eigen stijl.
Haar stijl is zo anders dan de mijne, zij gebruikt net als ik veel vrolijke kleuren maar op een totaal andere manier dan ik.
Monique zou Monique niet zijn om daar niet een leuke uitdaging in te zien! :-)
In het boek staan naast uitleg over o.a. technieken en compositie ook een aantal stap-voor-stap projecten om te volgen. Te leuk om aan mij voorbij te laten gaan toch?
In de video hieronder laat ik het proces zien. Veel plezier!
Happy Creating!

Hi Creative being!

A while ago I came across this book by Dina Wakley, a well-known artist in the Artjournalingworld.
She has a style of her own wich I like very much. Her style is so different than mine that I just couldn't resist this opportunity to learn from her way of going about making an artjournal page. 
Next to explaining things about composition and the use of white space she also provides step-by-step
projects to follow. So... I jumped in! Here is the video of the process. 
Enjoy and happy creating!