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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art Journal Flip!

Hello there Journal-Artists!

A short and sweet one for you today...A flip through of my latest finished journal. I did it! :-)

I usually have a couple of journals going at the same time but at the end of 2013 that sort of got
out of hand. :-)
I had taken some classes, started my own experiments and off course my BOPA journals.
And as the end of the year approached I felt I needed to finish some projects. I wanted to clear my head and my shelf from projects that were somehow not moving along, or simply waiting for some last finishing touches.
So I did, I picked up my JEMM (Journal for Experimenting with Mixed Media) and focused on finishing it.
I loved working on the finishing touches, it just felt so good to give it some more TLC and lovingly putting it on my bookshelf!

While flipping through and finishing it up it turned out to be a mixed media mixture of al kinds of pages.
There are pages from classes, mixed media experiments, touchdrawings and pages with a lot of journaling in it. Sort of a happy and chaotic mix of al kinds of things I did last year.
To be honest......that's quite fitting! :-)  I can be like that.... thank goodness I have the urge to clean up things every now and then.... LOL

Here's the Flip through...
If you have any questions about a page, I'd be happy to explain more in detail so ask away!

Happy Creating!


  1. Your work is absolutly fantastic! You can be proud of it, my English is not so good to find the good words. Bravo (in French it's more easy)

  2. Merci beaucoup zouzou! My french is not so good but we understand each other! :-)
    happy creating

  3. Beautiful! I am taking my first Art Journal workshop this weekend and I am really looking forward to it! Glad I found your blog!

    1. Thank you Tannis! Hope you have fun with the workshop this weekend! Happy creating. ;-)

  4. Hi Monique..I just found you on You tube and I just love your beautiful. Thanks for sharing...and for your lovely inspiration.

  5. Thanks for your comments Cristina and Shawnee!
    I am defenitely still around however..... there's always an however right? hihi
    In march of this year my sweetheart and I emigrated to Bonaire to start a watertaxi business in the Carribean! That has taken up almost all of my time but now we are setteling in and I can slowly but surely get back to my art and art journaling.Now that I have created a sort-of-workingspace I have started a new journal and made you a video! You can find it here or on my facebook page:
    Happy Creating!