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Sunday, May 08, 2016

A new mixed media canvas is growing

Hi beautiful creators!

This time I would like to share some pictures of a canvas that I am working on at the moment.
This one has changed faces so many times and she is still developping.
I trie to 'listen to my canvas' and respond on whatever inspiration comes in when I look at her.
Going with the flow and keeping my thoughts and preconceptions at bay....well I try.... :-)

For now this is where she is and I am stuck!
To much talking to myself and thinking things over.But because I want her to grow and not overthink it I have given her a nice spot where I can see her and I will act no sooner than when some kind of inspiration that makes my heart sing comes flying in! :-D

Who knows how many transformations are yet to come or maybe just a little tweeking....I have no clue yet, I will just linger in my curiosity and enjoy the ride!

Hope you like the pictures, they reveal a little of the transformations.....

Happy Creating!

I took this canvas outside to work on it, she's a bit to big for my workspace inside...
Here are the first layers, a fun chaos with lots of materials, real mixed media going on here! :-)

Some detail pictures of the beautiful chaos:

After a week or two when I simply couldn't find the time I was working on the canvas again!
Some goofy houses/castles apeared on the canvas....hmmmm, where is this going.....

Time to create a little more rest to my eyes on this canvas....not blocking it all but muting it some.

Then adding a transparant layer of colors with inktense blocks, gosh how I love them!

Yes, I was pointed out to me what they look like dirty minds! :-)

More changes! A complete background color makeover and  text!

Well, this is where I am, not sure what she needs or wants but not finished.
I know, I am teasing you with little snippets of the canvas but next time I will show you her in all her glory!
For now, some relaxing doodling in my Art Journal.

Happy Creating!