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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Art Journal Flip/Keep the flow going downstream

Hello beautiful creators, 

As with so many blog posts on the internet mine could start with: "it has been a while since I posted', but I won't.
Because there is no need to defend or justify anything creative we do in live. Like a journal, life is a journey.
A journey of discovering and formost of creating. It is a journey of being as happy as you can in the present moment and then.....get out of your own way and let inspiration flow in and through you. 

Life is like a visual art journal, we create our own. 
If we start defending what we do (or don't) to others, we stand in our own way of happiness. With defending or justifying we stop the flow of inspiration. It is like searching for inspiration upstream instead of going downstream, trust the flow, the inspiration knows how to get you where you want to be.
And it is way way way easier! :-)

I'm of now....of to to do some downstream flowing in another journal, or on a canvas.:-)
I hope this art journal journey inspires someone to explore their creativity and just go with the flow, enjoy!

Happy Creating!