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Friday, October 18, 2013

Welcome to my JEMM!

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Hi there beautiful creators!

I wanted to explore today so I picked up one of my journals and I declared it my JEMM:
Journal for Experimenting with Mixed Media.:-)
The making of the journal itself was an experiment of it's own. The pages in it are an eclectic bunch of classes, experiments with papers, fabric, touchdrawings and so on. So I thought I would dedicate the last pages that needed finishing to this journey of experimenting.

Today I wanted to experiment with inks and paint.
The fact that most watersoluble inks bleed through the next layer and/or activate when you put another wet media on top always annoyed me.
I ususally fixate the layer of inks before continuing. With a fixative, or even with a spraybottle with water and a medium, just to stop it from bleeding and/or activating again.

I never liked the feeling of being annoyed by a material.
I mean, the inks can't help doing what they are doing right? They are what they are so I had to change something within myself.
I decided to play and experiment with the bleeding instead of working against it et voilà!
I looooved the effect of it!

It is not exactly where I want it to be but I am on the right track.
YES, no more irritation but a lot of fun!
The best thing I was reminded of again today is that working WITH a situation always works better than against it! I helps inspiration to flow and more ideas wil come to you. :-)

Off course the camera was rolling so here's a video with voice-over, I wanted to explain what I was doing for you. Enjoy!

Happy Creating,

Monday, October 07, 2013

Exciting times!

How exciting life can be!
Once you get on the 'good-feeling-thoughts' train miracles start to happen. I can not even begin to tell you about all the good stuf that is flowing into our lives, really, really amazing!
I feel good and better every day.
Yesterday we took a little break from everything we are doing here, spent the whole day on and in the water.
Gosh, the underwater world is sooooooo beautiful!
Amazingly colorful and tranquil and very alive at the same time, what a blessing to be a part of that.
Here's the page I made about the last few days.

Although I don't want to be going home I also can't wait to be back in the studio again and make more art and videos!
Somewhere this week I'll be back in youtube-land! See you then!
In the meantime,  don't worry, be happy and create your dreams,  I know it's possible!

Half way through making this page a figure showed up. Wonder what message she has for me...

Happy creating!