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Monday, October 15, 2012

The ABC....

Hi Mixed Media lovers, Stampers and Creatively Inspired Creators!

It is Monday night and as promised another post from me, so far so good hey? :-)

This time I'd like to share with you how I made my Alphabet Stamps and show some projects I did with them.
However, first things first....I discovered the previous name of this blog was already in use, in English aswel as in Dutch so I changed it into Life's true Colours.
Now,  I realize this name fits me and my plans for this blog much better! Sometimes things seem to be working against you when in fact it's a sign that tells you there is a better way!
Don't you just love when that happens? <3
It teaches me to keep the faith and just move on. Not to slow, not to fast but keep in motion and your muse will find you!

Here's the process of making my alphabet stamps that will last forever!
I found this alphabet in a book and I loved it!

I decided I wanted stamps to last a while.
I do make stencils/stamps out of paper or card stock as well and like the fact they don't last forever. It keeps me awake. Creating a new stencil for a new project keeps me on my journey as an original person and artist. But, every now and then I buy a stencil or stamp or make one that can travel with me for a bit longer....

I decided on linoleum. In the meanwhile realizing it wouldn't be a quicky. :-)
First I traced the letters on tracingpaper.

I then traced it again with charcoal, flipped it over and put it on a piece of linoleum.

Give it a rub and the letter is transferred onto the linoleum.

Then the fun part! Cutting away the linoleum you don't want to show.
Although I had to rediscover that to be honest. I remembered when I was a young girl (a long, long time ago, hihi) I 'had to' do this in school and I hated it! So I was a bit worried if I could get through the 26 letters..
But, I enjoyed it! Al 26 letter were done in one sitting!
Here's a pic of the cutting tools and the result.
Remember to you make alphabet stamps in reverse! (I know that now..hahahahaha)

Time to throw some paint on and stamp!

All done!

These are two journal pages I used then on.

Hope you enjoyed this post.
I'll be back next Monday, until then: Go and be creative in whatever way you feel is right!


  1. Wow, that brings back memorys! The smell of linoleum. Cutting away the things you don't need or want. I can see a big parallel with day to day life!

  2. wow wat een mooie letters.... kan je die niet eens scannen....en dan op Pinterest zetten of zo? ik ben altijd op zoek naar mooie letters... die ik dan weer kan uitprinteb en transferen in mijn Art Journal... of misschien kan je me aangeven welk boek het is... dan kan ik zelf eens zoeken
    bij voorbaat dank