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Monday, November 05, 2012

Ode to womenhood, Artjournal page

It's Mondaynight again so time for a new blogpost.
This time some photo's of the process of the 'Woman of the World' journal page.
With this page I wanted to remember myself and all women who want to be remembered of the powers and gifts we bring to the world although they may sometimes go unnoticed.
No disregard to the powers and gifts of men by the way.... :-) Maybe I'll do a page on that to someday although it would be a feminine vision of the male powers and gifts. hihi
Here's to us beautiful women!!!

It all began with scrap papers and a thin coat of gesso. 

 Then the fun of layering.....and layering..... :-D

And some journaling....

More layers...

At this point the theme came into the picture.
The pieces of paper are 'recipes'  for connecting with your female powers.
Healing, Strength, Abundance, Fertility, Protection, Love and Creativity.

I traced pictures from a magazine...

Cut them out....

Placed them on the pages and made a new layer with lots of colour to create these silhouettes.

A little more here and there and the text and this page is done!

Text detail...

I really enjoyed making this page, although it had to go through it's 'ugly-state' as many pages do. 
In the end I'm very happy with this reminder!
Let me know what you think...

Happy Creating,



  1. Love how you built up your layers-your final layers really shine the way you brought it all together!