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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Nobody pops my balloon!

Hi there beautiful Creators!

Do you sometimes get thrown of your path? I do...
Or, better said, I let myself get thrown of my path.
Last week was a rollercoaster for us. Up and down we went from ecstatic to disappointed, from enthousiastic to right out angry!
For me it all had to do with my reaction to other peoples behavior. At first I blamed them for my mood and my disappointment.
Then I realised it wasn't them, it was me. I got caught in their vibration and forgot to take care of mine.

So, time to clean it up and get my vibe back! :-D

Good to know that this process takes less and less time for me. I can get my vibe back fairly easy now and I know I am responsible for it.

Funny, while writing this I realise this has happened big time twice during the last two weeks.
Good practise! LOL

Here's how I journaled about it...

Enjoy and happy creating!



  1. Oh my friend, I was in the same place and I handled it badly. I too let myself get caught up in a vortex that wasn't even mine. Thank you for being so open and sharing. Hopefully Awareness and Prayer will help us both:) I'm off to watch your video!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment Molly! Hope you enjoyed the video. As long as our Wareness grows we will be all right. :-)
      Have a blessed day.

  2. Thanks for sharing this - great techniques!

    1. You are very welcome Sue! I hope you try it and have fun with it!
      Happy Creating :-)