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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Spanish Lady Spoke (or did she?)

Hello to you!

Remember the Spanish Lady from my tutorial on Touchdrawing?
At the end of filming the tutorial she hadn't 'spoken' to me yet, I wondered if she was camera shy... :-)

This is what she looked like at the time:

My sweetheart and I went on a short holiday with friends and when we came back I thought I'd find the message she was hiding from me.
Wrong! She remained silent so I put her aside and decided to wait...

In the meantime life went on, some things happended that were difficult for me to deal with at the time until I heard some dreadful news about a young boy who had tried to commit suicide. 
All the things I worried about, were difficult to talk about and had me going in circles for a day or two now seemed so ridiculousl, infinitly small and insicnificant! 

My thoughts are with the parents and siblings of Ewan. 
Ewan, I hope you are going where you realy want to be, I wish you wisdom and happiness wherever you are.

Now the Spanish Lady's message was very clear:

Humbled I am...


  1. So sad but true. And fascinating how images affect us and wait for our maturity.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Karin. And yes, images are far more patient than I am, they sometimes wait until I listen... :-)

  2. Nice to see her finished. Share the sentiments, I have had a similar week, with news of 2 suicides and 1 death from illness - certainly makes you think.
    Hope you had a great time.

    Lynda x

    1. It does make you think... and appreciate more, complain less, no more worriyng about the small things...
      I hope you also find things to appreciate. :-)